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About FMC (FMC) was developed by Donovan Hubbard after his friend John Z told him there aren't any good comic feed websites. Originally it was just going to be a place to post comics. However, Donovan began to think of several other features that would make the site conducive to growing the feed.

FMC is ran on servers paid for buy Donovan, who has already spent hundreds of hours developing all of the different pieces to this site. It would be cool of you to show some appreciation and donate to us. :)

We are still in our early Beta launch, so expect much more over time. Here is a list of some of the fetures planned for the future.

  • Mobile friendly versions

    Currently the FMC template is only suitable for large desktop browsers. Ideally we will create a responsive design for tablet and phone size devices.
  • Light weight option

    When being devloped FMC targeted the newest browsers on new computures. While it is advised to have a good CPU and GPU for using the drawing tools, we would still like to offer the option to turn off a lot of the graphic heavy content so older to less powerful devices will be able to use FMC without a performance hit.
  • User forums

    A place for users to share techniques and connect with each other.
  • Video tutorials

    Covering the basics of uploading images, creating images, and creating comics.
  • Clipart

    A clipart library for the Frame Maker so novice users will be able to make great looing comics.


Does it cost anything?

We would like to keep FMC free to the users as long as we can afford it. That being said, please, click adds and/or donate!

How can I submit comics?

You must be logged in to your account, then go to the Comics Manager page. There you can click the "New Comic" button to begin creating your comic. Fill out the data then click on "Manage Frames", this will allow you to add images to your comic. You can only use images you have already uploaded to the site.

How do I upload images?

You must be logged in. There are two was to add to your account. One is to upload the imagers form you computer on the Images Manager page. The other is to draw your own images using the Frame Maker.

How do I make a two column comic?

If your comic frames are 440 pixles or less they will conform to a two column layout.

Why my fonts in the Frame Maker not look right?

For both practical and legal reasons the fonts you use while making your frames must be fonts that are installed on your computer. While the font list is kept to some basic web safe fonts, not all computers will have these fonts installed. If the font is not installed we try to use a font that is most similar. If you want to use a font, install it and refresh your browser. For more information read this. Information on installing fonts for Mac and Windows.

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